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The number 9 represents the key elements of fitness that the FIT9 program supports. Every component of FIT9 is interconnected, woven into every workout to create a comprehensive program that’s properly balanced to achieve maximum results. You cannot work on one aspect of your fitness routine or one body part without the support of others in the process – every element is designed to support one another, to wholly sustain your body as it works to achieve its full potential.

This OG class offers all 9 elements of fitness in one powerful shot. Alternating between the Skillmill, boxing and our signature metabolic floor work, this class is designed to build stamina and muscular endurance, while simultaneously burn fat and build muscle.

WARNING: Your heartrate will stay elevated ALL class, so grab a towel!

Looking to boost your metabolism in only 50 minutes?

FIT9's first non-boxing workout includes a specific focus on lower body, upper body and core work with alternating Skillmill blocks. This class promotes muscle growth, increased long-term metabolism, cardiovascular endurance and an intense fat burn by way of concentric movements on the floor and varying intervals on the Skillmill.

Love to box, but running leaves you weak in the knees?

Introducing Metabox by FIT9. A tread-free metabolic boxing class.

If you get bored easily, jump two feet first into FIT9's circuit class designed for those who want to strengthen and tone every body part in 50 minutes.

Details: * 5 Circuits * 6 Different exercises per circuit (45s per exercise) * 2 Lower body, 2 upper body and 1 core focused circuit * Total muscular burnout!

A more customized version of the FIT9 workout catered directly to you. Customized FIT9 workouts can be scheduled at all hours of the day by calling (404) 310-2965 or by emailing info@fit9atl.com.. Rates available upon request.