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Shelby Barnes, Instructor

Raised in a family full of dancers and performers, Shelby started dancing at a very early age. She saw Riverdance when she was seven years old and began competitively Irish Dancing at age 10. As a champion Irish Dancer, Shelby competed all over North America, competing in both solo and team competitions and ended her dancing career after she qualified for and went to the World Irish Dance Championships in London in 2014. After her dancing days had come to an end, she struggled to find a workout routine that made her feel fulfilled and kept her engaged. She quickly fell in love with group fitness classes and began teaching indoor cycling.

Shelby would like to show others that an effective workout doesn’t have to be mundane or boring and can be fun with the help of good music and a motivating instructor (emphasis on the good music). When she’s not in the studio, you can find her exploring a new restaurant with friends around the city, trying out a new healthy recipe, working out or shopping to fuel her fashion addiction.

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