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What is FIT9?

FIT9 is a one-hour, full body workout that blends the calorie-burning, fat-shredding elements of high intensity interval training (HIIT) with high-performance elements of metabolic conditioning (MetCon). We don’t stop there – we also incorporate elements from boxing and athletic training to produce best results. Our group-oriented classes use SkillMill’s performance-tracking software to broadcast everyone’s results and encourage competition, both among your peers and against yourself.

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At FIT9, we sculpted our workout with the final product in mind: your best self. Traditional workouts often only focus on one element – cardio to burn calories or weight lifting to build muscle, for example. The FIT9 workout was built to truly addresses all elements of your body, from endurance to heart health and everything in between, in one efficient, results-producing workout.

You’ll get a different workout every time you’re here. That creates muscle confusion, which increases stimulation and forces your muscles to adapt to new movements. Not only that, but you won’t get bored either – a different routine each time you visit the FIT9 gym keeps you mentally engaged and enthusiastic about your fitness routine.

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