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Jeff Toney, Founder and Inventor

Jeff believes that once we conquer fear we become limitless. He created this workout to give clients the tools they need to safely overcome those obsticles.

Jeff has trained at several health and fitness facilities in Atlanta and Los Angeles. Aside from his work at FIT9, Jeff is the co-owner of Stellar Bodies and Eclipse 1on1 gyms alongside Amy Selig, also located in the greater Atlanta area.

Aside from his personal training work, Jeff has been a professional face for fitness and sports for 15 years. He has been featured as a fitness model in print marketing and fitness videos and has coached top physique athletes.

Jeff’s personal clients appreciate his sincere-yet-empowering approach to fitness. He believes that it’s important to instill confidence in people to help them reach their goals and set new ones. He and his partner strive to find the most innovative and effective workouts and deliver their approach to the community. Just as he did with Stellar Bodies, his vision is to complement his current concept with a different twist.

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