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At FIT9, we're a team of innovators and motivators. We come from varied backgrounds, but our goal at FIT9 is the same: to help you reach your true potential. All of our instructors encourage you to go the distance with enthusiasm and support. Whether you're an occasional class attendee or a seasoned pro, all of us at FIT9 are here to assist your fitness goals every step of the way.

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Alex Carson

Lead Instructor and Founding Trainer

An Atlanta native, Alex is a former D-1 AA athlete and Patriot League...

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Shannon Rogers


Over the past 17 years, Shannon has taught strength training, kickboxing and indoor cycling.

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Melinda Mestre


Originally from Upstate New York, Melinda is a Licensed Professional Counselor ...

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Shelby Barnes


Raised in a family full of dancers and performers, Shelby ...

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