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How it works

With advanced equipment and exercise technology, the FIT9 workout maximizes results while minimizing the possibility of injury and overall wear and tear on your joints.

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The SkillMill ups the ante on the traditional treadmill. Its innovative curved design reduces the impact on your joints while offering the full range of speed resistance that a traditional treadmill doesn’t provide.

Used for high intensity interval training, the SkillMill features performance monitoring and tracking so you can see your performance throughout the workout. Need to get motivated? Broadcast your results to the class – or try to beat the record held by the guy next to you.


  • Minimize impact on ankles, shins and knees
  • Increases endurance and muscle engagement
  • Visualize your results with full workout reports on the Mywellness app
  • Produce an exciting, action-packed workout

Aqua Training Bag

Traditional punching bags are filled with immovable sand. With each punch and kick, the energy reverberates through your hands or feet up to your joints. Not only is this painful, but it can cause damage over time.

This non-traditional boxing bag is filled with water, not sand, to provide the same weight without stiffness. The water in the bag absorbs the reverberation energy from each hit to prevent damage to your joints and to allow you to train harder for longer, making it perfect for our intensive metabolic conditioning regimen.


  • Increase endurance without added weight
  • “Teardrop” shape allows for a wider range of movements
  • Decrease wear and tear to your joints
  • Absorb the energy of impact so you can train for longer

Soft Plyo Boxes

Plyometric exercises, also known as “jump training,” exerts the muscles at maximum force in short bursts. Utilized in metabolic conditioning, it combines muscle lengthening movements with muscle shortening movements to increase power and strength. Since these movements can be hard on your joints, we use specially-designed soft blocks to decrease the impact while maintaining a highly-effective workout. The boxes can be set up in many different ways so you can shake up your training routine, challenge yourself and engage different muscle groups.


  • Increase power, strength and endurance
  • Minimize impact to your knees and ankles
  • Pinpoint many different muscle groups at once
  • Diversify your workout with changeable setup


Crosscore is a premiere exercise technology which incorporates suspended bands attached to a pulley system for the ultimate suspension training experience. This system elevates the difficulty level of suspension training by adding the elements of instability and dynamic tension to the workout. Through what is known as Rotational Bodyweight Training™, you’ll learn how to stabilize yourself as well as build up your motor skills and core strength. With the option to perform hundreds of exercises, the system offers tremendous flexibility and supports any user to their level.


  • Increase performance using only body weight
  • Challenge your balance and reflexes
  • Shape your core and increase muscular endurance and stability
  • Modify to support an massive array of exercises